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Providing systems projects from our established base in Guinea Bissau, LocustWorld is a strong local partner for customers of all kinds. LocustWorld Bissau is the Bissau based subsidiary of LocustWorld Ltd, the systems company located in the UK.

LocustWorld Bissau provides communications and systems projects using products from LocustWorld, producing effective IT and Networking Systems running a wide range of applications. LocustWorld Bissau provides the project services, network design, installation and ongoing support and maintenance.

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LocustWorld Networking Systems

Supporting customers over wired and wireless connections. Long range wireless links connect towns and regions, while local access points service directly to end users in public and private premises.

Network management, customer registration and online transactions are fully integrated, enabling many kinds of digital applications.

LocustWorld ID

Providing Photo ID access control and membership programs. Mobile terminals transact E-Commerce and E-Government business, directly linked to central database services. LocustWorld CCTV systems monitor key locations with real time access and historical archives.

System Consulting Services

LocustWorld Bissau provides systems consulting services to plan and execute major systems projects. Project applications include E‑Commerce, Wide Area Networking, E‑Government, Internal Systems and Specific Vertical Markets according to customer demands, providing hardware, software, systems and services as needed. Drawing on our hands-on experience and flexibility, LocustWorld is the ideal partner for any systems project in Bissau.

Working in a tropical environment presents many challenges. For continuous operation, solid system design needs to be backed up local engineering support.

LocustWorld Bissau has the resources needed to respond rapidly to field engineering calls and keep customer systems working smoothly. The LocustWorld systems are designed to work in extreme environments, extending beyond the normal reach of conventional telecommunications systems.

LocustWorld first came to West Africa at the invitation of ARTP, the Senegalese Telecoms Regulator, to advise and assist with projects to provide communications networks into rural communities, drawing from experience of rural telecoms in Europe and the Americas.

Since then we have undertaken very many different projects. We apply our experience and expertise to deliver successful projects to meet expanding customer needs.

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